Planning Solutions NW Limited


Our aim at Planning Solutions is to offer a management service which will include all aspects of the construction process from initial client conception, through the tendering process, realisation of the construction project and then provision of post contract services. The services detailed below can be offered in whole or part, dependent upon your specific requirements. We are keen to offer these services to all clients ranging from self build projects, small to medium size developments and multi million pound redevelopment schemes.


Pre-qualification documentation


    Review of the client’s outline programme

    Initial examination of the construction phase logistics

    Assistance with collating the necessary pre-qualification documentation


Bid management


    Development and management of a tender strategy programme

    Production of a procurement and tender construction phase programme fully logic linked

    Management of the subcontract packages to ensure that they provide a compliant bid during the tendering period and the development of an alternative bid

    Production of the main contractor preliminary set

    Development of a construction phasing methodology aligned with the key subcontract packages


Construction Phase


    Procurement and management of subcontract packages

    Production and subsequent monitoring of the procurement and construction phase programme

    Target construction programme

    Detailed short term programming

    Document management

    Reconfiguration of the construction programme following delays to the target construction programme

    Main contractor and Client progress reporting


Post Contract


    Development and assessment of the as-built programme

    Data analysis and programme review for assistance with dispute resolution


Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your exacting requirements to establish what we can bring to your project.

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